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Charitable Gifting

Charitble Giving

Charitable Gifting

Did you know, payments from your Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) can pay for long-term care services and upon your death any remaining balance can be distributed to a charity?

That's right, if you set up a charitable remainder trust (CRT) is allows your funds to pay for long-term care services while contributing to a charity and reducing the tax burden simultaneously.  

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Qualified Charitable Distributions & IRAs- UPDATE SECURE ACT 2020

Qualified Charitable Distributions up to $100,000 per years can be distributed from your IRAs for those reaching age 72 1/2.

However, Qualified Charitable Distributions made after 2019, the $100,000 QCD limit for that year is reduced (but not below zero) by the aggregate amount of deductions allowed for prior tax years due to the aforementioned Secure Act change. In other words, deductible IRA contributions made for the year you reach age 72 1/2 and later years can reduce your annual QCD allowance. 

Life Insurance Used to Make Charitable Donations

Donors who wish to leverage their cash donations to charity can use life insurance to accomplish their goals. By either gifting a policy outright or naming a charity as beneficiary, they can provide the charity of their choice with a large sum of money and provide a lasting legacy for a cause they believe in. Investopedia Jun 26, 2018

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Charitable Gifting


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