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Caregiving - Having The Conversation

Aging Parents - When do you become your parent's parent?

Caregiving - Having The Conversation

How to Start the Conversation with Your Parents about needing care or possibly moving into an Assisted Living Facility.

Retirement planning should include conversations about aging and how to plan for the future. Consider discussing options such as home care, assisted living, residential care, adult day care, memory care and skilled nursing facilities. 

Be sure to research all of these options to understand the care and services available, and how it fits into your budget. Remember to plan for the long-term, as your needs may change over time. 

When discussing retirement planning and aging with your parents, it is important to have a thoughtful and honest conversation. Consider asking your parents these 10 key questions: 

1. What kind of care do you need and want now and in the future? 

2. Are you interested in staying in your home or considering other living arrangements? 

3. How do you envision your retirement years? 

4. What is your current financial situation? 

5. What kind of health care coverage do you have? 

6. Do you have a plan for long-term care? 

7. Are you comfortable with the idea of in-home help or assisted living? 

8. Do you have any specific wishes you would like to make known? 

9. Do you have a will or estate plan in place? 

10. Do you have an Advance Directive in place? 

Having these conversations early can help you and your parents plan for the future and ensure that their wishes are respected.

Have the conversation early and often to ensure you are prepared for the future.   Contact us today or request  a FREE copy of How Not To Tear Your Family Apart, you'll be glad you did. 

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Caregiving - Having The Conversation

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